About us

Romanian  American Import Export was born in 1992 as a response to the Romanian desire to send from America packages in Romania cheaper than by other means, such as U.S. post. From 1992 to present Romanian  American Import Export Company is a leader in the metropolitan Chicago market for both land and ocean international express courier shipping.

Romanian  American Import Export offers a full range of customized solutions from express shipments of packages or containers dedicated exclusively to transport machines and returns. We transport packages quickly, safely, anywhere in Romania, and offer shipping insurance on demand for parcels in excess of a considerable value. Any package under this amount is automatically insured by the Romanian American Import Export.

Loading and unloading of packages and containers are made by qualified personnel and conditions are approved by the Ministry of local transport. Containers can be checked daily with a minimal error of location. In the area of logistics services, distribution is made by our company to make improvements all the more complete being available in eight locations in different states in America.

Romanian  American Import Export benefit of local knowledge, European and American – an important competitive advantage – combining rail and inland water transport for optimal delivery performance. First, provide worldwide coverage, on the other, a strong local presence and unique understanding of local markets and customers, knowledge gained in years of work dedicated to satisfy customers.

Currently we offer a wide range of standard, industrial solutions and personalized car carrier or any volume of requests for packages or containers. With over 10,000 customers, Romanian  American Import Export international network connects over 3 countries and territories in Europe with America. Over 28 employees are dedicated to providing fast and reliable services that exceed customer expectations in all counties of Romania. Our mission is customer satisfaction and that means a messenger arrived quickly and maximum safety to your destination!

Cristi lupescu – Romanian American Import Export