Step 1

Check your items list and figure out what kind of boxes do you need. If you have fragile items, I would recommend buying a plastic box like this one: plastic boxes

Step 2

Pack the items in the box safest possible and try to avoid letting blank spaces inside the box. For blank spaces, you can use “air cushion film“. For fragile items try to wrap them in clothing – this way you can save money on bubble wrap. Cover liquids in plastic wrap before putting the lid on.

Step 3

Tape the box on the top and bottom in the safest way possible. If you think that the box is too fragile, you can wrap the box with wrapping plastic. For plastic boxes it is not necessary to tape them – you can use zip ties plastic straps (if the box doesn’t have holes for straps then we can do them at the office).

Step 4

Try to make each box not more than 66 lbs – after 66 lbs will be an extra fee (for some countries maximum weight is 88 lbs, for more details contact us). Minimum chargeable weight is: By AIR – 10 lbs, by SEA – 20 lbs.

Step 5

Bring the box to us, make sure to tell us what is the content of the box. Each box will have included free insurance of $100. If you want insurance for expensive items then it will be 5% of the value of the item.

Step 6

Give us the sender and receiver: name, last name, address, phone number, email.

Step 7

Sign the receipt and you’ll get a copy of it with a tracking number included and all the information about your boxes. We will put 3 stickers for each box with a bar code and the number of the box on it.

Step 8

Wait for the box to be delivered in the front of the house at the destination in the expected time.