We have over 25 years of experience shipping containers to Europe and around the World. We’re an international container

shipping company with shipping lines sailing to all coastal countries in Europe. Product ranges from shipping Consumer Goods,

Capital Goods, Foods

Feeds & Beverages, Industrial Supplies & Materials, and Automotive Vehicles (Cars, Parts, and Engines). This webpage provides

the most relevant information to ship a container to Europe for both the company sending the container and the company

receiving the container. Giving a quote for container shipping to Europe is simple; helping your business streamline the

container shipping process is where we separate ourselves from the competition. We will send our truck driver with an empty

container to wherever your product is located. The truck driver will wait until the container is filled. Once full, our trucker will

drive to the shipping docks & the container will be loaded onto the ship and head to its final destination. All information for

tracking your container, if requested, will be provided. This will keep the receiver happy.

Shipping Container Measurements – 20 Foot and 40 Foot

With our extensive experience helping companies worldwide ship containers to Europe and around the world, we know that the

shipper and/or buyer may not know what kind of container suits their needs.


This will help the shipping department know whether to use a 20ft, 40ft, 40ft HC (High Container) container. The image to your

left illustrates the height difference between a 40ft container and a 40ft HC. We help many companies, both small and large,

export containers from USA to Europe AND AROUND THE WORLD. The most common container sizes are the 20 foot container and the 40 foot HC.


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